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Release your inner monster!



While this blog had been in the works for some time, it feels strangely apt that it is realizing itself right now, under these most surreal of circumstances. 


The new coronavirus changes our world faster than we can process it.  It is unreal.


Even better that this blogspot comes into being just now.  This is crucially possible due to Greg's generosity and wonderful support – thank you so much for this, Greg! Without you, this space wouldn't be.


So what is Monsterkinder about?


Well, the idea is really simple.  It is really just to have fun and spread happiness by creating small, friendly creatures and, then, ultimately place these li’l critters somewhere outside.  On a street sign.  On a post box.  In a niche on the underside of a bridge.  Just anywhere in the public space.


Given the present circumstances it seems that going out to glue our friendly monsters to their designated spots won't be easy, or perhaps not even possible for the proximate future. This shouldn't be a problem, or hold us back, however.  Our friendly monsters can stay at home with us in their cosy critter crèches before the time has come when we can release them into the outside world.


So what I want to do is call out a challenge and invite you to participate in it. I am inviting friends from all over this crazy, yet mostly harmless, planet to join us.


Don’t forget to take a picture of your creature wherever you place it and maybe even write a little something about your adventure in creating it and we’ll post it for other Monsterkinder to see.

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"Be Happy, silly!"

Boris Brownbagenstein

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