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Boris Brownbagenstein Around Town

So after working on this site. I took my Monsterkinder, Boris Brownbagenstein, out grocery shopping with me. Grocery shopping is the one thing we Californians are allowed to do during this lockdown. That and walk our dogs. Otherwise it's Stay At Home! Stay 6 feet away! WASH YOUR HANDS!.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of Monsterkinder I placed Boris in public places where people could see him but not mess with him. The first was a crosswalk light where he fit in between the two Walk/Don't Walk signs.

Then I placed him on an electrical tower in the hopes that he might get electrocuted and come to life! But no such luck...

Here is Boris' background story...

Boris began his monstrous career as a simple brown paper lunch sack taken to work one day by a Joe Castille who was working at a United States Superfund cleanup site organizing the ever increasing nuclear waste piling up as Congress drags its heels about making companies clean up their big, industrial messes. Joe Castille didn't normally litter but as he pulled out the last item in his lunch sack, a triple-decker ham and Swiss with chipotle sauce (his favorite), a gust of wind blew Boris up and over the cement and lead barrier between Joe and the big pile of nuclear industrial waste they were containing at the site. Joe felt momentarily bad about the litter, but reasoned, 'hey, it's all waste going to a waste containment center someday.' Besides, Joe couldn't just go into the cement container without suffering serious radiation contamination. So Boris landed softly onto a pile of irradiated superhero dolls that had been contaminated by a local nuclear plant from the 1970s which had accidentally let off some radioactive steam into a toy manufacturing plant. Both companies were bankrupt by the 1990s and were designated a Superfund site by congress. Finally, under the Obama administration, they received the funding to start the cleanup.

Anyhooo, Boris became sentient and merged with a Hawkeye doll and now walks the land monstrously warning people to clean up after themselves and trying to get companies to factor in the cost of their industrial waste into their products so that money is available to recycle the byproducts of manufacturing. He also scares people by mentioning Climate Change and Global Warming. He actually does not consider himself as a monster, but is seen as one by humans who don't want to think about such important and dire issues as waste management and Climate Change (tooo spooky!). Boris is a good bag with a scary amount of knowledge about pollution....

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