Boris Brown Bagenstein At The beach!

Well, finally the beaches have been reopened after the lockdown because of COVID-19 and Boris was ready to go to the beach!

Here's Boris checking out the cool bronze topographical map of Muir Beach and the surrounding hills and mountains.

While picking up trash along the way to the beach he found a tin foil hat! (Boris is very eco-minded and is puzzled how people can just throw their trash on protected areas when there are such well labeled refuse containers all around!)

So when he got to a campfire site he sat down and put it on for all to see!

Then he decided to say hello to the ocean.

Look out for that wave, Boris!

Finally he decided to take a break and sit on a tide pool rock. It was a great place for a breather.

It was a glorious day overall. The sky was cobalt blue and the wind just strong enough to keep him cool in the sun. So nice to get a little nature back into one's soul after being on lockdown for, gosh, 3 months now!


San Rafael, CA, USA

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