Don't Panic!

Updated: Apr 13

The female Buddha statue has both - poise, and a punkish/feminist/rebellious touch to it. This made it the perfect site for my first public Monsterkind project.
The spaceship has angels' wings because it is in some sort of angelic communication with the angel sitting on St. Michael's cathedral opposite the Buddha statue.
The angel and the Buddha are located perhaps some 300 meters apart from each other, with strong ties connecting them. Both represent spirituality, albeit of different geographical origins. What's also interesting is the invisible: Crossing the visual axis between the Buddha and the archangel Michael from left to right, as it were, there actually used to be the Berlin Wall. Once a symbol of ideological division, and testimony to the Cold War, it simply isn't any more.
This site being fraught with meaning and the weight of history, the spaceship is a bit of a glittery oddball, isn't it? Well, why not.
The brass wire inside the spaceship's capsule is to represent the alien lifeform, which itself consists of nothing but its stringent emotional logic, interspersed with some glittery epiphanies :)) Note also the punk element of the spaceship - the studded chain around its hull. To underscore the feminist element, I deliberately chose to depict the spaceship close to the female Buddha's bare breast, snuggled comfortably into her hand.
Alas, don't panic...


San Rafael, CA, USA

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