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The Tin Foil Hat League's Heroic Fight against Corona

Updated: May 24, 2020

There is nothing so much as human folly. While we are equipped with an impressive brain, this lump of meat between our ears, is by virtue of its own nature, fallible to self-deceit. Because brains, like anything organic in nature, like to save on energy. A helpful way of which is the reduction of complex matter into useful models of reality that help us survive better. You could call these models illusions, you could compare them to a computer’s user-friendly interface. Whatever you prefer – as long as you don’t forget it is not reality, but a model of reality our brain supplies us with.

This self-deceit usually works well, but sometimes our brains go into overdrive. When the complexity of this world threatens to overwhelm us, we are prone to "see" order where there is none. Noise becomes information. Chaos suddenly seems to have a hidden structure, and our brains jump to the conclusion that this world is a game of Connect the Dots. If only you look hard enough, you will "see" the hidden meaning.

Which makes Tin Foil Hat Theorists currently having the times of their lives. With the support of some fringe scientists they reveal to us ignorami the master plan that underlies the Coronavirus pandemic. I have decided to make this folly the topic of my new Monsterkinder installation.

Hope you like it.

Obrigada, Clara, por me ajudares. Divertiamo-nos imenso ;)

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